Reducing homocysteine

Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid help to lower homocysteine. B vitamins cannot be made by our body. They are found in fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs and dairy products, so a varied and balanced diet is a good starting point for a low homocysteine level.

But we need a certain quantity daily to help maintain normal blood homocysteine levels. Betrinac contains a carefully balanced formula of B vitamins, designed to combat high levels of homocysteine and bring them back to a healthy level.

Reducing homocysteine

What are normal levels of homocysteine?

Normal blood levels of homocysteine should be in the range 5-9 μmol/L.

Blood levels of homocysteine:

Normal: 5-9 μmol/L

High Homocysteine:

Borderline: 10-12 μmol/L
Moderate: 13-30 μmol/L
Intermediate: 31-100 μmol/L
Severe: >100 μmol/L

About vitamin B deficiency

‘I read about Betrinac in Woman’s Weekly issue dated 7th August 2012. I felt my memory had declined since I retired a year ago and thought I would give it a try. I have taken Betrinac for one month now and feel there is a great improvement in my mental performance.’

HP, Watford