How you can reduce your homocysteine levels

Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid help regulate blood levels of homocysteine. A varied and balanced diet is a good starting point for a low homocysteine level.

Increasing your intake of these B vitamins can reduce homocysteine, bringing it back to healthy values.

B-vitamins cannot be made by our body; they are needed in our diet. They can be found in fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs and dairy products. We need a certain quantity daily. Insufficient amounts can lead to increased blood homocysteine levels.

Eating a balanced diet helps maintain a low homocysteine.  Excess coffee and alcohol can also reduce absorption of B-vitamins; reducing their intake will help keep your homocysteine level low.

Although smoking does not directly affect B-vitamin absorption, smoking can act together with high homocysteine to increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.  It is strongly recommended that you should stop smoking if you have high homocysteine levels.

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