Customer testimonials

‘My Sister-in-Law suggested I try Betrinac. She found it in an English Paper in Spain and bought it on the Internet. After only a month she thought it was amazing! I have previously taken various B vitamin supplements but this seems to be FAR superior. Everything is suddenly so crystal clear. It must be the NAC? I am now ordering it regularly for both myself and my husband. Well done and many thanks!’
AW, Malaga

‘I work in a very high pressure environment which relies on mental agility. Just like any muscle, you need to ensure it has the correct nutrition to operate at its maximum efficiency. I have always understood the need to feed your brain with correct vitamins and oils, and have taken a variety of different pills and liquids over the years with varying results. Since I have started taking one Betrinac each morning I feel quicker and more able to keep my attention on a subject a lot longer, with less fatigue.’
PB, Manchester

‘I have been taking Betrinac for two months now and I am really feeling the benefit. I feel as if I have a new lease of life; I am enjoying my life once again.’
RL, Wrexham

‘I have been on Betrinac for three months. I can advise that my memory has definitely improved. This has led to a greater degree of confidence and an overall feeling of well being. As an older person I can state that we all have a fear of developing dementia. Getting older is not so bad, but losing your memory overrides any feeling of good health. After reading in the Daily Mirror about clinical trials of Vitamin B to combat Alzheimer’s I was elated to see that a company had produced Betrinac for this disease. I have every faith in this product, and at an average of £4.00 a week think is very good value for money.’
AB, Manchester

‘I read about Betrinac in Woman’s Weekly issue dated 7th August 2012. I felt my memory had declined since I retired a year ago and thought I would give it a try. I have taken Betrinac for one month now and feel there is a great improvement in my mental performance.’
HP, Watford

‘I have just started taking Betrinac after reading good things about it in the press. I have nearly completed one month’s supply, so it is a bit early to say what benefits I have experienced except that my general welbeing was rather low and to date I feel a definite spring in my step and I am definitely more active. I am looking forward to continuing my next month’s this space!’
PW, Leicestershire

‘My brother has middle stage AD. He has been limited to only being able to speak a few words at a time for some while, mostly yes, no, maybe, don't know etc. Today, after a few weeks on Betrinac, he said on the phone to me this morning, “I am on my way to my Daughters”... Now I was lost for words.’
RM, Hants

‘I have suffered strokes in the past affecting my memory and spelling ability. I recently thought I was in the early stages of dementia, but after taking Betrinac for several months my short term memory spelling and general well being has improved significantly. I would recommend Betrinac to anyone.’
JW, Lancashire

‘I have been taking Betrinac for 4 months now. It seems to me I have a better recall of things. I do not forget my keys, or go into a room and think.. 'What the hell do I want in here!' I can remember names better.’
BW, Spain

‘I have been taking Betrinac tablets for several months. I read about them in a newspaper and decided to give them a try. I am very forgetful and have struggled to remember things for ages. Since taking this wonderful tablet I’m finding that I am beginning to have a better awareness about what I’ve done and remembering where I have put things etc including times and dates. I even remember to take them every day. These truly are wonderful tablets, and I will be continuing to take them.’
DP, Suffolk

‘I am 50 years of age, and have a parent suffering from dementia. I read about Betrinac in High 50 online magazine. I have taken Betrinac for 1 month, and I noticed a couple of significant changes almost straight away. I have more clarity, and feel less fatigue and I have more energy. This could also be due to a better exercise regime and attention to diet, but it feels like there is generally more energy available within my system, both physical and mental.’
JT, London

'My sister and I have been taking Betrinac tablets for approx 9 months and are thrilled with the difference they make to our lives. They have improved our quality of life!! We have just ordered a further 3 months supply each and I am also ordering an additional 3 months supply for my daughter-in-law to try.' 

JJ, Durham

'Amazing! My memory is so much better since taking Betrinac.'

AP, Yorkshire