April 07, 2013

Can I take Betrinac with....?

Betrinac and Other Medication:

A frequent query is whether Betrinac can be taken with other medicines, especially drugs used for Alzheimer's Disease.

In short - yes!

Betrinac's ingredients are perfectly safe to take with most other medicines.  In fact, one of the B vitamins in Betrinac improves the effects of a commonly used Alzheimer treatment:

Folic acid and Cholinesterase Inhibitors:

In earlier Blogs we discussed Acetylcholine - a key chemical messenger in the nervous system.  Its levels are low in patients with Alzheimer's disease.  Drugs to increase levels of Acetylcholine, such as donepezil (Aricept), are frequently prescribed.

In a recent trial, one of the ingredients in Betrinac (Folic acid) significantly improved the clinical response to these drugs. (Connelly, PJ et al; Int.J.Ger.Psych. 2008:155-60).

Other Medicines:

Betrinac is also safe to take with other prescription medicines.

(NAC can occasionally cause headache if taken alongside nitrate medication used to treat angina.)





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