February 01, 2016

Homocysteine, Rate Of Memory Decline And Dementia

Biological Gradients:

In considering causality, Sir Bradford Hill commented that a clear 'dose-response' curve between a suspected environmental factor and a particular disease suggests that the factor is a cause of the disease. In the case of homocysteine then, is there any link between the level of homocysteine and the Read full article

November 30, 2015

Homocysteine And Dementia..Chicken Or Egg?

Which Comes First - High Homocysteine Or Dementia?

In his discussion of causality Bradford Hill noted that the issue of 'temporality' was of particular relevance for diseases of slow development, such as dementia.. i.e., any causative factor must, of course, precede the disease it is associated with!

The example he gave was relevant to dementia; i.e.- whether a particular diet resulted in disease, or whether the early stages of disease, such as dementia, led to pec...

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September 16, 2015

Homocysteine, Memory Loss And Dementia.. Is The Link Specific?

In earlier Blog updates we outlined characteristics that Sir Bradford Hill thought might be important in deciding whether an association with a disease was 'causal' or not.

Hill had studied the relationships between working conditions and disease.  He suggested that if an association were limited to certain workers and specific types of disease (i.e., it was 'specific') it would be a strong argument in favour of causation.

So, is a high blood homoc...

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